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Whisper it through the bustling markets of Bengal, a tale as old as the Ganges itself. Here, hands stained with earth breathe life into clay, crafting horses that transcend mere decoration. These are not toys, but companions on a spiritual journey.

For centuries, artisans have molded the essence of the horse from the earth, its form imbued with a simple elegance that speaks of devotion.  Imagine these terracotta steeds, standing proudly in village squares, silent witnesses to prayers and offerings.


Bengal’s artistry blossoms with Sholapith, a craft born from the marshes. The Shola plant’s soft core transforms into intricate wonders in the hands of skilled artisans.

Sholapith’s lightweight nature allows for breathtaking creations. Artisans meticulously craft figurines, vibrant decorations, and even delicate jewelry from this natural marvel.

More than just an art form, Sholapith graces every aspect of Bengali life. Homes boast exquisite wall hangings, while weddings and festivals come alive with vibrant Sholapith creations. Each piece embodies Bengal’s renowned craftsmanship.

Rag Dolls

Traditionally known for intricate wooden dolls, Bengal’s toy scene is witnessing a charming newcomer – the rag doll. Inspired by Japanese craft, these delightful figures are a delightful blend of simplicity and whimsy. 

Unlike their wooden counterparts, Rag dolls are stitched with love from everyday materials – colorful cloth scraps, soft cotton, and warm wool. Each doll is a unique creation, showcasing the resourcefulness and artistic spirit of the artisans.

These playful figures aren’t just for children’s amusement. Their charming imperfection adds a touch of whimsy to any Bengal home.

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