Bangasree's Vision & Mission

Beyond Craft, It’s Heritage






a state level apex Co-operative society oparates under the:

administrative guidance of the Director of MSME, Government of West Bengal, empowers bona fide artisans and weavers. We achieve this by facilitating production, providing guidance, and promoting their products commercially through marketing channels like shops, expos, and exhibitions.


  • To be customer-focused and competitive by offering better quality products.
  • To provide the best platform for promotional of handloom & handicraft artifacts produced by the distress artisans and primary weavers societies of West Bengsal via Online .

Core Value

  • Customers Satisfaction 
  • Ardent About Excellence 
  • Provide a safe place for customers to shop online 
  • Transparency 

our certifications


☑ To promote and to organize the Handicrafts industry in West Bengal On

▪ Co-operative basis
▪ Registered S.S.I. Units

☑ To purchase or receive for sale of raw materials and the finished products from members, handloom and slik Co-operative Societies registered in the state of West Bengal .

☑ To purchases and supply of raw materials, tools & equipments required by member of society & artisans .

☑ Borrow funds from members, state Gov. Of India and other financial Institutions.

☑ Supervise, guide and monitor the work of affiliated societies on demand .

☑ Maintain Liaison, as far as possible, with various promotional agencies connected with Habdicrafts and Co-operatives. 

☑ To buy and own machinery that is necessary for utilizing in the production units to be run by the society with the Ex-trainees/artisans and recommended bonafide Crafts-person exclusively on buyer-seller basis. 

☑ Obtain contracts from government, public bodies or others and get them executed with the help of:

▪ Members

▪ Registered SSI Units 

▪ Bonafide Artisans 

☑ In persistence of the above objectives, the society shall be at libertyto .

☑ Purchase such raw materials and appliances required for the industry and sell them to the affiliated society or others.

☑ Provide facilities for the marketing of the finished products of the members of the affiliated Societies in a profitable manner . 

☑ Organize & develop markets for Handicrafts within the state and outside of the state. 

☑ Lift the finished products of the affiliated societies as far as practicable and arrange for their marketing. 

☑ Purchase Handicrafts products that are not produced by the Co-operative sector from other sources in the best interest of the business and provide facilities fess of society. 

☑ Undertake organizational activities for the formation of new Handicrafts Co-operatives/District Industrial Co-operatives unions and to help the revitalization of the dormant Handicrafts Co-operatives declared by the appropriate authorities. 

Office Address: Bangasree Bhavan, 4D/23/1 Dharmartala Road, PO – Tiljala, PS – Kasba New, Kolkata – 700039, West Bengal, India

Godown Address: 33A, Garfa Main Road, Pal Bazar, Jadavpur, Kolkata- 700 075 ( Ground Floor of Punjab National Bank)

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